/ I guess everyone has some kind of a moment in life where you find yourself wondering around / seeking something / somewhere / some kind of shelter… a place of comfort… where you can recognise yourself through the feeling of belonging.
/ in other words, a feeling that can easily be understood as if not being in one’s home town… one’s country… / “dépaysement”… as said in french / expressing the sensation of void when separated from where you feel you belong.
/ I guess you can also be easily conflicted about where that place may be, if things arent as settled as emotionally expected / when in a certain random state of existence, or just transitioning… maybe… / and where the portuguese term “saudade” is probably as reliable as “dépaysement”, although in the meaning of longing for something you love so deeply / such a part of you / and which somehow feels lost.

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/ be patient when the wind and salt scrub against the messiness of your mind / trust the transition / believe in being free…
/ your heart will forever hold space for the places that taught you about release / that offered you relief / that taught you love

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/ azenhas do mar • sintra

/ you know that crave you feel for travel? / or that homesick feeling you have for a place you’ve never been? / most languages dont have a word for it but germans do. / “fernweh”…the german word for the urge to go somewhere you’ve never been before but for which you have an unexplainable desire to experience and connect with
/ pretty much the feeling i get every time i come to this place / which reminds me, in a very small scale resemblance, those italian and greek coastline villages, like Manarola, Positano, Santorini or Mykonos

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/ centro cultural de belém • lisboa
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/ the japanese have a curious untranslatable term”wabi-sabi” (which also sounds like that tasty green thingy we love to eat with sushi), which is more of a concept than anything else, and that would translate as “a way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay” / a state of harmony that grows from acceptance, not from what we think we’d prefer but from what our common sense id’s as naturally fitting
/ so when i see a 3D raccoon on a three story building, made of broken auto spares and filled with plants, i see a “wabi-sabi” moment that would be so fulfilling to find more often by who’s skills perfectly match the language and needs we have towards todays urban view

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