pro|theos book

First book launch for the program introduction, for client, marketing and institutional purposes / November 2012 / pro|theos is a program that provides companies, institutions and schools with support in the search for new solutions in dealing with both inter-personal and intra-personal relationships, maximizing resources through the development of a series of workshops and courses. The program relies on the connections established by applying pure science, philosophy and arts, aiming to create emotional triggers, feelings and organized/reorganized memories that, reacting through each individual, brings out greater creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, social-professional, social-affectionate and cultural well being, not only in a personal level but also in the dynamics of group/social relations. pro|theos seeks, within the complexity that defines the 21st century, to intervene through knowledge and sensorial awareness, based on cultures and mentalities, transversal and multidisciplinary concepts, digital culture, organicism, info-ethics, etc.