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/ conversations with the Universe / belonging / between fresh air / feeling my lungs / palm trees to the sound of breeze and birds

/ be / do / go… anywhere that calls for you / everywhere your footprint earns to explore / to perceive…/ discover / redesign yourself in new places / and then / stand where you feel you belong

/ bathroom break ↻ / or, just time to go home after a long nurturing day of nature and fun ♡

/ see the light in others and treat them as if thats all you see / #lifeistoshare ☆

/ the most #carioca dude in town / ✪

/ #Havana, city of emotional depth… indescribable merging inner peace with vibrant liveliness / of connection / notion of togetherness / designing the whole vibe of the city…•/ where I also tried to train my spanish thinking I would pass

/ trail hunting in Rio… definitely a top three on things the city has best ✪ / #imapalmtree/ #cityvsnature #befree

when leading a nomad life always choose the places that never disappoint… Life in Rio ♡ always blissful, always vibrant ❈