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Essence Prime Care

Oeiras & Lisbon • Portugal

UI/UX Design for an all platform accessible website for Essence Prime Care. a non-conventional Chinese therapy clinic enabling sophisticated philosophies of personal development. dedicated to the empowerment and promotion of sustainable living starting from within, EPC redefines global and individual awareness to lifestyles of physical, mental and spiritual well-being, as a whole, through Acupuncture, Dietetics, and Dermocosmetic Health.

Palácio Belmonte

Lisbon • Portugal

UI/UX Design for an all platform accessible website for Palácio Belmonte. a 10 suite world prized private guest palace that also designs and showcases conceptual cultural events at their Belmonte Cultural Club Cafe. a two thousand year old synthesis (yes, two millenniums) of the European and Portuguese culture and history.

Castelnau des Fieumarcon

Lagarde • France

UI/UX Design for an all platform accessible website for Castelnau des Fieumarcon. a world prized 12th century stronghold, sitting in the heart of Gascony, the land of the musketeers, for special events and group holidays. inserted within a cultural and sustainable approach as a place where art and conceptual lifestyles are fusions of beyond.

Grenache Restaurant

Lisbon • Portugal

UI/UX Design for an all platform accessible website for Grenache Restaurant. a simplified version for a landing/call-to-action page promoting the top culinary sensation of modern French cuisine, highly rated within the international press and recently landed within the walls of Palácio Belmonte‘s front patio, in the heart of Lisbon. a minimalistic gem of singularity and luxury for those who collect unique gastronomic experiences at one-of-a-kind and once-in-a-moment cuisines.

Pão de Canela

Lisbon • Portugal

UI/UX Design for Pão de Canela; a restaurant, pastry shop, coffee shop, nurturing the traditions of the Lisbon city center neighborhood spirit for over twenty years; a place of renewed traditions presenting the best blends of Portuguese and modern cuisine.

Wave Kore

Brazil & Portugal

UI/UX Design of Wave; the prototype of a social network designed for surfers and surf lovers as a home that connects and enhances all major interests in the surf industry; a sophisticated design system that offered an intuitive minimalistic user experience as for fluid dynamics in its connectivity, in and out of the platform.

Design a Sustainable Tomorrow

Jiu Xian • China

UI/UX Design for DaST; a Landscape Collection project dedicated to the discovery of rare gems that were once before the environment of cultural and historical timelines; a collection of special places that are reborn to re-inhabit the vibrations they once had, blended with art and modernism through sustainable restoration interventions; enabling a special depth to the experience of art and living, DaST also seeks to empower self-sufficient social and urban solutions to guarantee sustainable lifestyles for communities around the world.

AKTO Studio

Lisbon • Portugal

UI/UX Design for AKTO Studio; an arts & crafts brand in the heart of Lisbon (AKTO meaning “Arts & Krafts Technologies”) focused on the active production of industrial and product design, as for conservation and restoration through innovative and sustainable technological tools; creating, evolving, adapting and transforming are the values and lifestyle AKTO promotes.


Oeiras • Portugal

UI/UX Design for Compota; a contemporary dance project & organization that designs multidisciplinary performances, highly conceptual and always unique as a “once in a lifetime” experience where each performance happens only once; oriented under the spontaneous creative guidance of professional dancers and artists, blended in continuous improvised wire frame of moments, Compota offers an enhancement to the natural, fluid, and emotional… in the experience of art and form, being and perceiving, feeling and believing.

WOA | Way of Arts

Cascais • Portugal

UI/UX Design for Way of Arts; a restoration and arts & crafts company with projects within the cultural engineering industry; a multidisciplinary project that merges its conservation and restoration studio with a loft like contemporary art gallery; famously renown for its unique and conceptual cultural events, as for artistic residencies worldwide.

Lisbon Culture

Lisbon • Portugal

UI/UX Design for Lisbon Culture; an online media gateway to Lisbon’s best; the non-conventional places, secret locations, spontaneous happenings and home of the unique suggestions; to all those who look to experience Lisbon through its unique character and essence; a Portuguese based project, live from 2013 to 2015.