Marc Vaz shares over fifteen years of experience between Europe, Brazil and the USA, assuring the best of the creative process through solo and dynamic multidisciplinary teams. Rather to build new brand strategies, develop unique editorial projects or implement sophisticated ideas, all solutions are presented within the most important fields of design and brand communication for efficient and sustainable results.


ongoing projects

Editorial Marc

Self-Publishing project for Independent Authors

Editorial Marc fits the global market as a publishing brand with a digital nomad approach. Born in Rio de Janeiro and managed from Lisbon, the project empowers independent authors through self-publishing tools by fully designing books, magazines and editorial projects in general either in digital (for selling via Amazon KDP and other sustainable platforms) or printed (via print-on-demand to insure top quality eco-friendly and low budget results). Editorial Marc has designed over 400 publications over the years.

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Briva Publishing

Personal Development Publishing Agency

As a publishing agency, Briva seeks to develop high quality education for self-development, not only due to the lack of focus on a good marketplace but also to propose new solutions for 100% self-sufficient and healthy lifestyles through books, programs and courses worldwide.

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Marc Vaz Photo

Photography service

Photography service focused on eco-brand projects within the travel industry, outdoor lifestyle, interior design, luxury lifestyle, portrait & cultures, and arts & crafts.

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