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Marc Vaz shares over 15 years of experience, between USA, Europe and Brazil, assuring the best of creative processes through solo and dynamic multidisciplinary teams. Rather to build new brand strategies or implement sophisticated ideas, he presents solutions in the most important fields of design and brand communication for efficient and sustainable results.


Presenting projects from clients of the five continents, Marc Vaz travels regularly between Europe and South America as the large range of works developed have involved Brand Management and Concept Design, Editorial Design and Publishing, Social Media Management and Communication Strategies, Webdesign and Apps, and Packaging, having collaborated with several publishing agencies, architecture and design studios, and private companies as Art&Design Director, Creative Director, Editorial Director, etc.

Marc Vaz

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Marc Vaz grew between Florida (USA) and Lisbon (Portugal) where he initiated his studies and professional experience.

While living in Lisbon, he began to channel and evolve his sensorial awareness through visual arts and photography, leading him to Architecture & Design and Creative Photography courses while initializing collaborations with a few architecture, design and photography magazines.
As a college student he was highly influenced by his American childhood and Oporto roots. And as he grew as a Designer, his professional experience with north European design studios, as well as Japanese and American architecture studios and photographers, enhanced his creativity and versatility.

His highly developed design skills and saavy editorial expertise lead to collaborations with some of the most prestigious south European magazines, hotels and design studios, as to expert authors in Europe and Brazil as well as leading him to partner in the foundation of Briva, with Roger Mac.
Discipline, pragmatism and sensorial minimalism are just a few of the characteristics used to describe Marc and his work, as a passionate follower of high-end organic, minimalistic, digital and sustainable solutions.

reviews / testimonials

Decisions many times depend on references. So when it comes to getting to know someone, or a service, there’s nothing better then the feedback of those who had, or still have, the experience in working with me. You’ll find a few feedbacks below:

  • "I don't think I ever knew anyone as available and dedicated as Marc, always immediately ready to help and guarantee the best of what is requested. His talent is increadibly remarkable and the demand to which he's subject is enourmous. I do wish, that with time, he'll manage a less diversified portfolio since I'm sure his curriculum shines enough, and will continue to shine, in markets with such demanding competition and where he deserves to see himself featured. My congratulations to his work. I hope we continue to collaborate at WOA for years to come."

    Gonçalo Leandro Founder + CEO / Way of Arts
  • "Marc is an excellent professional, extremely attentions and dedicated, giving extremely creative, efficient and constructive action to what is demanded. During the years, we've appreciated his talented collaboration, good taste, versatility and empathy."

    Paula Pinto Founder + Creative Director / Sentidos Ilimitados
  • "Working with Marcelo is a great experience! He can grasp ideas quickly and accurately, and translate them into beautiful elegant design and communication with great ease, whilst taking the quality of any project to a scale above and beyond."

    Roger Mac Brand & Life Strategist


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